LPG has revolutionized the fight against cellulite, fatty pockets and sagging skin worldwide. Years of scientific research into the mechanical function and reaction of cells led to the safe and effective applications designed by LPG.

Lipomassage: A patented slimming technique that stimulates the breakdown process of fat cells (lipolysis) in order to eradicate fatty pockets and orange peel skin. The result: a well-sculpted silhouette, smoother and tighter skin, and fewer fatty cells.


The most popular a beloved form of treatment, which allows direct contact with the aesthetician who believes in the healing power of the hands.
Our massages are:

  • for the circulation: provides a boost to the circulatory system;
  • relaxing: like the Spa Mosaic treatment: a wonderful massage that lasts an hour-and-a-half, combining the therapeutic properties of essential oils, with a massage that combines classic massage, deep pressure, lymph drainage and reflexology. It takes in the entire body, from the top of the head to the tips of the toes,
  • massage for fat reduction and skin firming using all the right products,
  • and above all else: lymph drainage massage: this is the par excellence massage for detoxification and it is delivered by a masseur who is an expert on the lymphatic system and on how to use the hands most effectively. This massage is also very beneficial to relieve pain and pressure after surgery, such as for a mastectomy, face lift or plastic surgery, or for people suffering from lymphoedema, etc.

This is a ground-breaking detoxification treatment that caused waves in the combating fat build-up and epidermal sagging. It is based on a peeling with the famed product for exfoliation Renovateur, which offers a velvet complexion. For slimming (and detoxification), the next treatment is the Masque a modeler affinant, and the treatment is completed wit the lipodialytic action of the Ideal Prolift machine, which hits at the heart of fatty cells.

In the treatment for epidermal toning, the Renovateur step is followed by a course with the Ideal Prolift for toned, firm skin. The treatment is completed with a 15-minute massage using Carita products. We also provide the more conventional therapy that stimulates the muscles via an electrical current. Here, we use machines built by the German company Physo with patches that are applied to 48 points all over the body.


This treatment is a must for relaxation, rejuvenation and smooth, velvety skin. It is a treatment that uses a full-body massage with salts infused with essential oils that exfoliate the skin, while simultaneously stimulating blood circulation in the epidermis, offering relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. Next comes a full-body hydrating mark made of milk protein, and the treatment is topped off with a massage using a cream rich in natural oils and vitamins.

Furthermore, we also provide an alternative treatment designed by Guinot, which uses four different sizes of salt grain in combination with kiwi extract and which is followed by a massage using a nourishing cream. Ladies can also choose a product that provides an artificial tan to give them a sun-kissed glow. The full-body peeling is advised as a wellness treatment for the entire year, as a refreshing preparation for the holidays and certainly as a treatment after the holidays and prolonged exposure to the sun, as it helps remove dead skin cells. It is also a key part of the treatment in the Brides Day Spa package.