About us

“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art,” in the words of American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, and this is very much how the women who walk through the doors of the Maria Argeitou Beauty Institute feel. The art of beauty, of treatments for the face and the body using top-of-the-line products, has found a space here. Maria Argeitou eschews passing trends related to beauty and stands by her belief that beauty is mainly about prevention and the painstaking care of one’s skin from as early on as adolescence.

She keeps abreast with new developments in the field and brings to the Institute top-of-the-line technology and products from around the world, which she applies to her treatments. The surprises, meanwhile, never stop: new products, new methods, a wonderful massage for pregnant women, a day spa treatment for brides-to-be and many more clever and innovative services are part of the daily menu.


The Maria Argeitou Beauty and Physical Therapy Institute has been in operation since 1973. It is named after its founder, who has studied disciplines related to both areas and who continues to take an ever-active part. She tends personally to every woman who enters her institute, treating each as a unique case and tailoring the treatments or therapies she will require to her individual needs. Her experience, know-how and passion for her work, her commitment and the ethic she has brought to the job for so many years have placed her at the top of her sector.


The premises of the institute are pervaded by the same philosophy as that of the owner: simple elegance, fully equipped with a strict sterilization protocol, comfortable bed chairs with heated blankets for the winter and numerous specially designed spaces for different treatments so that ladies can enjoy those moments of treating themselves to the kind of gift that they yearn for in this day and age. Candles, the intoxicating aromas of essential oils and calming music embrace all the senses.

One of the greatest advantages of Maria Argeitou’s philosophy is her respect for the financial means of every individual that crosses the Institute’s threshold. Services, all offering excellent value for money, are never extended unless necessary, while all of the products available for sale are priced reasonably for the size of the brand. Women who have traveled extensively and visited spas in other parts of the world will confirm this at once, while those who have not, will never feel like outsiders in the game of beauty.

Beside her, specialized aestheticians follow her instructions — every woman is safe in their hands and can have faith in the excellent products that are used in every treatment. Each treatment is also done with products that the ladies can purchase for their own use, so that they can maximize the results of the treatments and increase the duration of their benefits.