Facial cleansing

Facial cleansing in the most important and necessary first step for anyone to begin taking care of their skin. It allows the aesthetician to “read” the face, to see its particularities, to spot any problem areas and to gauge what it needs so that she can then develop a strict personal care regimen or a special treatment if necessary, which contribute to stopping any unpleasant developments.

In simple cases, one or two facial cleansing treatments (one of which should definitely be after the summer holidays) are enough for women of any age. But be careful: cleansing, as a fundamental step toward healthy skin later on in life, should never be left in the hands of just anyone.

Teenage acne

There comes a time when the wonderful childhood skin enters its adolescent phase and that is when the first changes begin to appear (blackheads, undesirable pimples and whiteheads). That is when mothers, irrespectively of their child’s age (or whether it’s a boy or a girl), should seek the help of an experienced aesthetician to help curb the development of acne. The role of the aesthetician is first to conduct a thorough cleansing and secondly to teach the child and its mother how to care for its skin on a day-to-day basis and what products to use. If, however, the aesthetician spots a more serious problem, mothers are advised to refer to a qualified dermatologist.


Water is the most fundamental source of life for our cells and for healthy skin. Balanced moisture ensures healthy skin. At the Maria Argeitou Institute, we choose between different moisturizing methods.

The first category is applied with the help of an electric current for the deeper absorption of the active ingredients — much like mesotherapy.

The renowned Hydradermie Double Ionization facial by Guinot can be adapted to the needs of every different skin type with a range of products:

Ideale Ydratation: A moisturizing treatment by the famous Carita brand, with the Ideal Prolift equipment and the respective products.

The second category moisturizes without using mechanical methods:

  • Regenerating moisturizing treatment made with collagen leaf by the renowned Swiss brand Valmont. It is made with 100% pure collagen soaked in liquid polysaccharides and is based on the osmosis phenomenon, offering hydration and toning as the polysaccharides penetrate deep into the skin.
  • Aromatic Guinot: uses plant extract and essential oils.
  • Perle de Caviar by Ingrid Millet: a moisturizing treatment based on caviar and marine collagen, as well as a whitening treatment with Vitamin C as it main ingredient.
  • Moisturizing treatments by Heliabrine from Monaco: A treatment system based on essential oils, a holistic aromatherapy session combining more than thirty plants in extract or essential oil form.
Adult acne and oily skin

Adolescent skin problems often persist into adulthood for some people, while others may experience them for the first time when they get older. The celebrated American professor of dermatology Dr. Murad, a leading man in his field, has developed a complete treatment proposal for such cases, which based on fruit acids and the regulation of water content in the skin fibers. Equally successful are the treatments proposed by Exuviance, which are based on Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs), vitamins and herb extracts that help combat oily skin instantly.


For women who want to age naturally and to remain beautiful without altering their facial features and, especially, their facial expressions, the Maria Argeitou Institute suggests a variety of different and safe options. Caci ultra (computer aided cosmetology instrument): the principle of this treatment is based on toning the precious muscles in the face. It uses microwaves, ultrasound and a pulsating light to bring that freshness back to women’s faces.

Hydradermie Lift by Guinot: a firming treatment that brings visible results from the very first day.

LPG – Liftmassage: Deep epidermic firming for a natural lifting effect, without the use of electrical current, by mechanically stimulating the fibroblasts (the cells responsible for producing collagen and elsatin)

Carita: A two-hour luxury anti-aging and firming treatment with excellent results on wrinkles and sagging skin, using the Ideal Prolift machine.
Carole Franck lifting: A firming treatment based on the salutary properties of essential oils and especially of ginseng — this is a flash therapy for instant glow when needed.


Face peeling can be a simple homage that precedes every facial treatment or a therapy in itself that aims at regulating the skin’s natural oils and helping reverse the effects of acne, sun damage, discoloration and even acne scarring. The product used are from the lines of the internationally recognized and acclaimed brands of Murad, based on fruit acids, Exuviance, based on Polyhydroxy Acids and Guinot (Beauté neuve), based on fruit acids and papaya enzymes, while ladies can also opt for the microdermabrasion method.

Diamond microdermabrasion

This method combines the peeling action of the diamond with suction, stimulating the cells of the basal layer so that they produce collagen and elastin. A rejuvenation treatment suitable for all skin types, but mainly a treatment for healing scarring caused by acne or treating discoloration and aging.

Hair Removal

Electronic hair removal from the root using high-tech equipment that combines all the technologies that help reduce pain and skin irritation. Hair removal by roller is available for the entire body.