Bien Etre

Bride's day spa

Women who want glow and confidence on their wedding day need to make the right preparations beforehand: prevention, early treatment and rejuvenation are the key. This is why Maria Argeitou offers a free-of-charge introductory consultation that includes a facial, during which aestheticians can spot any potential problem areas along which they can tailor the facial treatments, while the body is turned over to the wonderful powers of the LPG and other equally specialized treatments.

Otherwise, brides-to-be can choose a simple rejuvenation treatment to maintain their natural glow and to enhance the look of bright, healthy skin and a healthy body.Every program is designed with full respect for each individual budget.The Bride’s Day Spa begins with a hot cup of tea made with aloe vera and cinnamon.Next come a treatment comprising a full-body peeling with salts enriched with essential pine oils (for relaxation) and a mark of milk protein on the entire body for hydration.

The course is completed with a full-body massage to stimulate the circulation, using a rich, nourishing cream or body oil. The alternative is available to have the peeling with a mixture of kiwi seeds, brown and white sugar, salts and shea butter, which makes the skin feel and look velvety. Next comes a facial mask that is becomes hardened for greater absorption of the beneficial elements and hydration. The second package ends wither with a rejuvenating body massage or using a product for a sun-kissed glow.

Facial treatments are always tailor-made for each woman’s complexion and specific needs. This allows us to choose between many of the different treatments that are available in order to find the one that is just right for each woman, which will give her a refreshed and glowing look on her special day.

Spa Mosaic

This is a wonderful massage that lasts an hour-and-a-half and combines the healing properties of essential oils (Baume by Decelor) in a massage that combines classic massage, deep pressure, lymph drainage and reflexology. The massage is applied over the entire body, including the soles of the feet, the face and the entire head. The product used may be a relaxing balm or tonic, or a candle made of bees wax, honey and essential oil which is burned to release its aromas into the room and is then used, hot and melted, in this wonderful massage, offering a sense of absolute wellbeing.

Pregnancy massage

This is a highly specialized massage for the relaxation of the muscles in the back, lower back, feet and soles – all the point that suffer most from the extra weight of pregnancy. The pregnant woman lies back on cushions filled with warm water in order to enhance her sense of relaxation, while the entire massage is conducted while she lies on her back so as to avoid the discomfort of lying face down.