Ingrid Millet

Since the 1960s, the laboratories of the House of Ingrid Millet innovate by creating products based on caviar and other valuable components of the sea (micronutrients, minerals, plankton). To date, their research continues to enrich the compositions of the Perle de Caviar series.

Extra Bio Marin

Moisturizing – regenerating serum. This is an effective anti-aging cocktail with a 42% Caviar Complex.

Creme Bio Nutritive

This is a 24 hour nutrition and anti-aging crème for dry skin. Cream rich texture and very high in nutritional, moisturizing and restructuring ingredients, such as caviar, marine collagen, squalene and lecithin soya; it boosts cell metabolism and the skin’s natural defenses.

Crème Cou

Firming cream for neck and neckline with a high concentration of all active marine cellular constituents. The Ingrid Millet system also combines the benefits of vitamin C with caviar. This anti-aging series aims to revitalize and balance the skin, fight skin discoloration and gently hides the signs of aging.

Includes these products:
  • Brightening Pearly Foam – cleansing emulsion with pearl protein.
  • Brightening Gentle Toner – refreshing toning lotion.
  • Moisture Retaining Creamy Mask – purifying mask with vitamin C.
  • Brightening Revitalizing Fluid – powerful moisturizer, rich in vitamin C.
  • Brightening Eye Cream – Strong, protective eye cream.
  • Brightening Revitalising Cream – A nourishing and rejuvenating cream.