Caci Ultra

The multifunctional caci ultra for face and body, the latest achievement of Caci International, combines in excellent cooperation micro currents, ultrasound and low-power laser, creating high efficiency therapies. Equipped with highly specialized programs and focused entirely on the objective of each treatment it combines the non-surgical facelift system of the award winning caci ultra, along with the regeneration of the skin by the famous future tech.

It uses ultrasound technology to stimulate the microcirculation of the skin as well as fotoanaplasis using soft laser. All these factors result in immediately visible smoothing out of lines and wrinkles and especially tightening of the skin without the use of injections or other, more drastic, surgery.

A woman can start preventive treatment with caci ultra from the age of 35 years which are made once a month. If older she begins with a series suitable for her needs usually requiring an initial eight sessions, which when completed, continue with monthly maintenance.


The wisdom of nature and scientific know-how from Monaco blend in a brand that allows every woman to keep her skin looking natural and young. The brand’s philosophy is all about endowing each individual with a feeling of uniqueness, of relaxation and wellbeing, besides experiencing the impressive results in a natural manner.


Valmont, based on the medical tradition of the Swiss clinic of the same name, offers the most luxurious and effective range of anti-aging treatments.The precious ingredient HP DNA and RNA, Alpine Glacier Water and extracts from plants that grow on alpine meadows are the precious primary ingredients of its cosmetics line. The name Valmont is associated worldwide with a specialization in cell rejuvenation.